Friday, September 23, 2011

Theodore 9 Months and counting!

This little Man is weighing in at 16 lbs still! Highlights of this past month: No longer doing the army crawl. Got 2 MORE teeth (total of 4 now). He stands on everything, but then if he gets bumped or feels like he can't get down then he screams. He follows big sister around. Loves the scale in the bathroom. Still a picky eater and only gets big kid food. Is back down from 5oz to 4oz of milk. Still hating his car seat. and he now blinks when Charlene walks by (there was a couple days she was hitting him :( poor little guy) though now she doesn't, He is still afraid of her. and ummm....He is looking more like his Daddy every day. :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A little space for Joshua

Joshua for a while has been confined to a little area on the craft table in the spare room for his "office" space. When He came back at the beginning of August from his convention, he brought home these little cardboard pictures of things that were zoomed in on his scope. He has been asking if we could get rid of the futon to make room for a office space for him. Since the futon was broken, then we both didn't see the purpose of keeping it. So before Joshua left for Holland, I had him tear it apart, and we sold it for $100.

Since then, between Theodore being sick and teething with 3 teeth on top, He has been extremely fussy and clingie, therefore it took a week just to organize the clutter and get the craft table cleared off. So here is stage one of Joshua's birthday present/makeover office area.

Every night after Theodore was a sleep Charlene would help me in the spare room. We started to hang these up. Here was night 1. How we had the pictures hung up, I didn't like, but we were too tired to take them out and start over.

Charlene had a blast hanging the pictures up. night 2. We like the pattern, but are shy by a couple to do another round. :(

So we decided to do a row below. Not too sure if we like it or not, so it will have to wait until morning until we can see it in the day light.

Step 1 of spare room makeover is complete.