Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NEW Family Photos

Since little Theodore is 6 months old, and his appearance has changed, I decided to update the family blog photo since the last family photo was when he was only 1 week old. Here are the new family photos. :) Enjoy!

There was a little sibling arguing going on with Theodore trying to push Charlene off the chairs. LOL

Next came the Daddy & Kids photos

This next one is funny cause Theodore was done with having photos with Joshua.

This next one is cute. "Listen here my little princess"

Joshua's face is priceless. This is one of my favorites. :)

Then came the Mama & Kids photos

My little Theodore...defiantly a Mama's boy.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Splash Time!

Today we boxed up all of our couponing free or money making things and went to go donate them. Since the drop offs were close to the mall, we decided to take the kids to the splash park. Up in town, 20 minutes away from is about a 6-8 degree difference. So when we got out of the car...up was 111 degrees!!! Instant sweat compared to our house where the 104 doesn't even make us sweat unless we are doing something.

This was little Theodore's first time in a splash park. I thought for sure He would like it. water. All kids like what could go wrong?

The instant the water touched his foot...out popped his passy and he screamed. Poor little guy didn't like it too well at first.

Charlene on the other hand, had a BLAST! She is our little water bug.

After a while Theodore warmed up to the idea of the nice cool water.

I got his bald little head wet to keep him cooled down.

We were there for about 2 hours. Surprisingly Charlene was cold by that 2 hours.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Soccer time!

Today was Charlene's first day of Soccer. We weren't sure if She was going to be the shy kid or actually play.

She was a good listener, and She started out like She understood. UNTIL......

A plane flew overhead "look a plane" she yelled. Coach tried to get her eye back on the ball, but had no luck...instead she called to show it to me. LOL

Then she stood out there just watching others, or the bugs (which was therefore screaming) or the riding lawn mower guy who kept going straight towards them (not really) but Charlene thought so and freaked. LOL

As long as the coach held her hand, she would play. :) She scored! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Theodore 6 Months and counting!

I can't believe my little love bug is 6 months old today!

Wow...6 months fly by when you have a toddler and a baby. I don't know what it is....but I LOVE this little bald baby boy of mine.

This little boy, that past month has learned to roll to get to where he wants to go. He has found his voice, and thank goodness its not as loud as Charlene's. :) He loves his jumper and gets some SERIOUS air in that sucker! He is growing a little peach fuzz hair. He is up to 3.5 oz bottles. The past 2 weeks he has learned to self sooth and is now taking naps 100% of the time in his bassinet and will start the night out in it, but around 11pm for his first feeding ends up coming to bed with us. Luckily, he has learned not to kick us in his sleep otherwise he gets kicked out of bed. :) He weighs 14 lbs now and is about to start on baby food. :)

And of course we can clown a little bit for his 6 month photos. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A little Clowning around

Charlene's birthday is in less than a month. We decided to throw another carnival party for her. We made this lolly pop holder this morning. This is one of the prizes. Still need to decorate the box, which I have no clue what I am going to do for it.

Another thing we are doing is a little photo booth. Since one of the prizes are clown noses, I decided to buy some clown wigs, and accessories for this photo booth so after the kids win their noses, they go directly over to the photo booth and get their picture taken. :) Then I can print them out, and give them to them as a little souvenir. I bought some of this dot fabric at Wally World and sewed it up for a back ground. My idea is to a group shot at the end with all the kids in their noses, but my fabric isn't too haven't for sure decided on that or not. So....of course we had to test this baby out! Charlene had a FUN time. She kept laughing and telling me that she was silly.

A first for every thing

One of Charlene's new crafts is Jello Jigglers! She loved punching out flowers into her Jello.

I think the best crafts, are the ones you can eat. :)

We also had made freezer jam for the first time. Charlene got to help smash up all the raspberries.

The hardest part about making things from scratch is you find out how much sugar, corn starch or even vegetable oil there is in things. Which makes it harder to eat after making it. Joshua LOVES the jam....while I have yet to try it after realizing how much sugar there was in it. I am sure it is good though. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Father's day

We started out with making Joshua's favorite breakfast (breakfast burritos) We make these about once a month for him since he doesn't like cereal and isn't always home for the big breakfasts. He just grabs one of these for on the go or if he doesn't feel like eating what us girls might be having for breakfast since sometimes we have peaches (not so much his favorite thing) in our meals.

Charlene LOVES bacon, so she ate a lot of it out.

Theodore got a little taste of hash browns and after he grabbed one of the already made burritos and tried to eat it, then when that didn't work, He grabbed the bowl of breakfast mixture.

After a couple hours, and a hungry baby, this Mama needed a break.

Charlene kept me entertained. :)

After we just had a simple family time. The boys watched/listened to music videos while the girls were in LaLa land. :)

Charlene put on Theodore's toys around her feet and was dancing around for us

After, Joshua decided to juggle for us

We then played Uncle Sam, which Joshua beat us girls good! 85 to 45 (adrianna) to 0 (charlene)

Joshua then rolled up Charlene like a breakfast burrito to eat her. She quickly unrolled. :)

We then gave Shelby some time, but then all of a sudden....Joshua realized he had the perfect opportunity to "goose" Charlene

Her reaction: Priceless :)

One last goose for the night, and that was Joshua's father's day.