Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Father's day

We started out with making Joshua's favorite breakfast (breakfast burritos) We make these about once a month for him since he doesn't like cereal and isn't always home for the big breakfasts. He just grabs one of these for on the go or if he doesn't feel like eating what us girls might be having for breakfast since sometimes we have peaches (not so much his favorite thing) in our meals.

Charlene LOVES bacon, so she ate a lot of it out.

Theodore got a little taste of hash browns and after he grabbed one of the already made burritos and tried to eat it, then when that didn't work, He grabbed the bowl of breakfast mixture.

After a couple hours, and a hungry baby, this Mama needed a break.

Charlene kept me entertained. :)

After we just had a simple family time. The boys watched/listened to music videos while the girls were in LaLa land. :)

Charlene put on Theodore's toys around her feet and was dancing around for us

After, Joshua decided to juggle for us

We then played Uncle Sam, which Joshua beat us girls good! 85 to 45 (adrianna) to 0 (charlene)

Joshua then rolled up Charlene like a breakfast burrito to eat her. She quickly unrolled. :)

We then gave Shelby some time, but then all of a sudden....Joshua realized he had the perfect opportunity to "goose" Charlene

Her reaction: Priceless :)

One last goose for the night, and that was Joshua's father's day.

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