Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday's at Shirley's

Well Joshua and I got a new calling in the Ward. Yep...Nursery leaders! (my worse nightmare of a calling) 33 kids in just our 1 class! (total of 63 under the age of 3) about little Utah here in Arizona eh? LOL
Of course this has to happen after the 2 months that Charlene has been willing to go to Nursery by herself. :( We were enjoying our little time away. But instead...Joshua is LOVING this calling. He gets to eat snacks, he gets to play and he loves to socialize with the other helper dude in our class who is also a nerd. Theodore also is enjoying nursery. 3 little "ladies" played with him for 5 minutes, then took turns rubbing his bald little head for another 5 minutes. Theodore LOVED it! He is already Charming the little ladies. :) I am just glad that this calling they said is only for 6 months. :)

After Church we usually drive the 1.5 hours up to Aunt Shirley's. Since my Uncle Morris died 6 years ago she hasn't had too much family visit her, so she loves when we come. and we don't mind that 1.5 hour drive each way just for her GREAT, 100% HOMEMADE cooking. Oh, its so good! Even Theodore was excited to try it this time.

Shirley is always busy cooking when we come that this is only her 2nd time Holding Theodore! She soaked it up good. She gave him LOTS of kisses, he pulled on her ear rings, and it was love.

Theodore even got to taste some of her famous cooking. Baby back ribs. He LOVED it! He only got to taste the bone with the sauce on it, but he still loved it.

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