Sunday, June 5, 2011

The After Holland Memories

Well we have been back just under a week and we are already missing Holland. With how much walking we did over there, both Joshua and I lost weight. We miss the people how open minded they are. We miss the GREAT food. We miss the FRESH fruits and vegetables. We miss the history. And we miss culture. We LOVED how Europe is all about family and how they took the sabbath day seriously which makes it so much easier for us Mormons with having others outside our religion also doing the same on the sabbath. So many good things all rolled into one = a great place to live/visit. Our original goal was to move abroad in 5 years, but we didn't realize how much we loved it there, so we have bumped that up a few years. We now know why all our friends have moved over seas. With all of Joshua's connections he made through work, will now make it easier to move over there. We are both excited about the future! Oh the traveling we can do too! will be so nice. :) All and all, we can't wait for what the future holds. :)

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