Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Theodore 8 months and Counting!

8 months!!! I can't believe this little boy is that old!
Theodore's updates: Got 2 teeth this past month. Does the SUPER FAST army crawl, weighs in at 16 pounds exactly, still doesn't like baby food and only eats "big boy" food. He loves to laugh at Charlene, is afraid of Shelby doing "rocket dog", Sleeps through the night with out waking up (thank goodness!), LOVES to get into the doggie water, and today He has his first taste of dog food and surprisingly liked it! GROSS!!! He loves books, and He is defiantly a Mama's boy. ;)

Here is his progress photos month by month

Friday, August 12, 2011

Who's going to get ran over today??

Yesterday morning while on the phone with Joshua as he walked downtown Nashville on the way to his convention, I hear somebody yell "what the hell" It kinda sounded like Joshua, but I wasn't sure so I asked him what was that. He began to say some idiot oh most hit him full speed while he was crossing the street. So then I had to ask him (I have never heard him EVER cuss) "was that you that just cussed?" His response "well wouldn't you?" LOL I was laughing so hard because I was so shocked! I was just imagining it in my head how ti all played out. LOL Don't worry...he was safe. :)

Later in the day while I was laminating Charlene's school stuff, I just happened to glance down and I see Theodore under the front part of Charlene's car with her SMILING!!!! I took a picture on my phone before saying anything. Here it is.

"Charlene, don't you DARE run over Theodore!" This is the look she gave me. PRICELESS! :)

"who me?" LOL

A litlte boy in PJ's

How come little boys are so darn cute in their pajamas? Anyways - Here is a tribute to my little Theo-adorable in his pj's and why he gets lots of kisses every morning. :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mommy's little helper

Now that Theodore is the baby in our family, Charlene feels the need to help him out. The instant She hears him on the baby monitor, she is running to his room and up on her step stool.

Of course He LOVES it. I always peek over, and He is smiling at Her.

Theodore every night gets a shower with his Mama. When I yell for Joshua to come and get him, Charlene usually runs to get his towel and is holding it up for him.

Last week She helped me pack Joshua bag. She put all 10 of his socks in. She was so excited to help him pack.

She has always helped me with the laundry. But this week was hilarious. She was trying to load the towels into the washer and was having a hard time. I told her to use all her body strength, next thing I know she is using her belly trying to get it in. LOL Silly little girl.

Oh....and when she was doing her laundry. She reached into her basket, pulled out a pair of her dirty underwear holding it by 2 fingers yelling "SICK....MOMMY!" lol