Friday, August 12, 2011

Who's going to get ran over today??

Yesterday morning while on the phone with Joshua as he walked downtown Nashville on the way to his convention, I hear somebody yell "what the hell" It kinda sounded like Joshua, but I wasn't sure so I asked him what was that. He began to say some idiot oh most hit him full speed while he was crossing the street. So then I had to ask him (I have never heard him EVER cuss) "was that you that just cussed?" His response "well wouldn't you?" LOL I was laughing so hard because I was so shocked! I was just imagining it in my head how ti all played out. LOL Don't worry...he was safe. :)

Later in the day while I was laminating Charlene's school stuff, I just happened to glance down and I see Theodore under the front part of Charlene's car with her SMILING!!!! I took a picture on my phone before saying anything. Here it is.

"Charlene, don't you DARE run over Theodore!" This is the look she gave me. PRICELESS! :)

"who me?" LOL

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  1. That's a sweet car! Where did you find such an amazing toy?