Friday, March 30, 2012

Renaissance Festival

The last weekend Nana & Papa were in town we took them to the Renaissance Festival. Its a BIG event here in Arizona that only comes but once a year!

Charlene rode a little butterfly ride.

We HAD to get a picture of Theodore with a codpiece so we can say "like father, like son" LOL The owners actually remembered us from last year. :)

Nana & Papa got Charlene a little butterfly wand.

I decided it would be a good idea to try to go rock climbing.

Until I got stuck! It was harder than I thought! LOL

We watched the knights.

Charlene rode a camel.

After riding the camel she was so excited to tell me about it and then she wanted to ride the elephant.

We listened to some music.

Charlene tried to climb this latter.

and we got our pictures taken. It was a good ending to a good month long trip with Nana & Papa

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Schnepf Farms

Our local farm up the street is called Schnepf Farms. They have a huge farm and lots of events always going on. We heard the peach blooms festival was going on and all the tree's were in bloom for the past month. So we decided to take the kids and go.

Charlene found these teddies. :)

We took the little train ride around to see the blossoms.

To our surprise...there were non blooming and what was blooming...was WEAK!!!

So we decided to walk around the farm.

They had three pigs. We called them the three little pigs. :)

Theodore had fun on the tractor. :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pine Top Snow Trip

One thing we miss about Portland is how close the mountain to play in the snow is. So, a couple months ago we decided to plan a snow trip. We booked our condos and in mid February thinking there would be enough snow, we drove up to Pinetop to have a snow day. We got there and to our surprise they had a bad snow year, so there was hardly any snow. There were only patches of snow around. Outside the condo there was a large patch. So we had the kids play on that.

Joshua pulled the kids around on the sled.

Theodore LOVED the sled.

Enlai & his Daddy Mike teamed up against Joshua for a snow ball fight!!!

The ice was so hard, it was hard to build a snow man. So we built a snow monster. :)

Theodore had fun exploring.

On Sunday morning, when we woke up, it had snowed a little bit. And then on the news a couple days later, they got 6" of snow! We were so sad. We just picked the wrong weekend I guess. and the this past week up in Flagstaff, they got over 3' of snow!!!! time we will just plan for March snow trips. :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Park Days ~ One delicacy about living in Arizona

One thing we LOVE about Arizona is the Park. If it reaches over 72 degrees, we will ride our bikes to the Park. Before, we would ride to a different park everyday to switch things up. But then found our favorite park is one that is about 5 minutes. We call it the Roxeanne park since its by her house. It has a HUGE field where we usually take games to play with. I usually take our big picnic blanket to put our food and water down and where I usually lay and read magazines while the kids go off and play. We usually spend an hour to a hour in a half (sometimes longer at the park!) These are the days of our lives. LOL

Notice anything weird about this picture below?

One of the games that we bring is this ball catching game. Its one of Charlene's favorites to do on days we meet with her friends.

About two times a week we ride over to a large park by our friends house. We usually meet Enlai, Aiko, baby Kiya and my friend Lily there.

On a side note. Riding to the park and hauling the kids around I lost weight! I got down to 127 lbs! I am super excited about that! :) After losing so much weight, I decided to start riding everywhere now. I go visiting teaching on the bike, we ride over to our friends houses, to Charlene's friends house for school, and so forth. Everywhere besides the store. :) I am hoping to lose just about 10 more pounds or so and I would be happy. :)