Sunday, March 25, 2012

Two Days in Scottsdale

Sunday following Theodore's birthday party, we headed up to Scottsdale to get our Valentine pictures. Scottsdale is one of my favorite places to visit. There is so much art and activities there and I really like it because its so much GREENER than all the rest of Arizona. :)

After taking pictures we walked around the art area. Charlene found this statue and went to go pet the dog. :)

We then went to go duck watching.

Theodore was too cute, he kept trying to grab the duckies and then would look at me to do this cute little face like "look Ma!" it was hilarious.

Now in this next picture, my Mom caught Charlene jumping. :)

and of course there are always these random pictures of myself that Joshua likes to take. Usually of my butt or chest, but this one he got me while I was texting and I heard him pull out the camera to try to stop him. LOL

Theodore had fun strolling around with the valentine bears.

The next time we went to get the second set of pictures up in Scottsdale we decided after to go to the cool rail road park. Its a huge park ALL about rail roads on about 15 acres. They have different play areas, museums, a little train to ride, and a carousel.

Theodore kept crawling off.

Theodore would chase the birds but this last picture he tried to scare them. ha ha

Joshua and my Dad thought it wouldn't be so fun to go to a rail road park and NOT ride the train. So they decided to take them on the little train.

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