Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pine Top Snow Trip

One thing we miss about Portland is how close the mountain to play in the snow is. So, a couple months ago we decided to plan a snow trip. We booked our condos and in mid February thinking there would be enough snow, we drove up to Pinetop to have a snow day. We got there and to our surprise they had a bad snow year, so there was hardly any snow. There were only patches of snow around. Outside the condo there was a large patch. So we had the kids play on that.

Joshua pulled the kids around on the sled.

Theodore LOVED the sled.

Enlai & his Daddy Mike teamed up against Joshua for a snow ball fight!!!

The ice was so hard, it was hard to build a snow man. So we built a snow monster. :)

Theodore had fun exploring.

On Sunday morning, when we woke up, it had snowed a little bit. And then on the news a couple days later, they got 6" of snow! We were so sad. We just picked the wrong weekend I guess. and the this past week up in Flagstaff, they got over 3' of snow!!!! time we will just plan for March snow trips. :)

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