Saturday, June 18, 2011

A simple Friday

Today, is like no other days. When Joshua actually works, I start to go stir crazy in the house. So by Friday, we woke up and I HAD to get out of the house. Luckily Joshua had his "pre-exam appointment to start off our day.

YES, that is right...we are DONE!!! :) Since if I ever did get pregnant again it would literally kill me (probably), we decided to play it safe and make sure there wouldn't be any little surprises down the road. :) We had originally planned on 3 kids (Joshua wanted 4) but because of the circumstances, we decided to call a quits. See I look at it on this side...We had 2 miscarriages and we have 2 living kids = Joshua gets his 4 since we have 2 waiting in heaven for us in the afterlife. :) So that counts right??? :) After Theodore we thought we would adopt a little girl Charlene's age, but for now, We are thinking we are good. :)

After Joshua's appointment we ran up to the outside mall to return some items. and hopefully find summer PJ's for both the kids (no luck there), however, I have been wanting to get little Theodore some shades since when we go outside he squints. So while Joshua took Charlene to the outdoor play area, Theodore and I went to return our items. We came out with 2 pairs of shades for him (in case he broke the first ones), new ones for Charlene since she just happened to loose all 4 of hers, and a new little hat for Theodore since he out grew his old train hat. :)

Surprising he didn't try to rip them off his head. :)

We then ran to find a mail box to mail off the 4th of July photos. On the way we found this cool house.
We then took our good friends Lily & Mike with their 2 kids up to the Organ Stop (kind of like the Oregon Grinder) It was their first time going there. I would upload a video, but it keeps saying error. :(

After dinner we then went to Costco to pick up our garage storage rack. I knew it was going to be a tight fit in the magnum, but Joshua didn't realize it until after we had bought it and on the way to the car he turned to me and was like " are we getting this home" LOL So we moved Charlene's carseat to Mama's side (which she didn't like) and we shoved the 200 lb rack into the car, and this is how Joshua had to ride home. LOL Lets just say he was kissing the dash board. :)

Oh, and the other day...we found Shelby wearing Charlene's pj's! :)

Tomorrow's project...putting together the storage rack. :)

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