Saturday, June 11, 2011

A little hat for a little man

Theodore #1 admirers always call him a little man because of his bald head. Well with his little sun hat on, it brings out the true little man in him. :)

Shelby has learned not to jump into the bath tub with Mama and Theodore in there, but the instant we get out, Shelby runs and splashes Charlene. She just LOVES the bath. Of course it is more work for us since we then have to shower Charlene off once she is down. But both the girls have fun in there. Charlene LOVES to "pretend" to bath Shelby by pouring water on her with her toys.

And Charlene the other day was complaining for 5 minutes about not having her sun glasses. We decided to solve that problem quick. We told her these were her new sun glasses. LOL

She loved them

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