Saturday, June 25, 2011

Splash Time!

Today we boxed up all of our couponing free or money making things and went to go donate them. Since the drop offs were close to the mall, we decided to take the kids to the splash park. Up in town, 20 minutes away from is about a 6-8 degree difference. So when we got out of the car...up was 111 degrees!!! Instant sweat compared to our house where the 104 doesn't even make us sweat unless we are doing something.

This was little Theodore's first time in a splash park. I thought for sure He would like it. water. All kids like what could go wrong?

The instant the water touched his foot...out popped his passy and he screamed. Poor little guy didn't like it too well at first.

Charlene on the other hand, had a BLAST! She is our little water bug.

After a while Theodore warmed up to the idea of the nice cool water.

I got his bald little head wet to keep him cooled down.

We were there for about 2 hours. Surprisingly Charlene was cold by that 2 hours.

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