Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 19 - the trip home

This morning we woke up a half hour before our alarm. So while we packed Charlene got to watch a cartoon.

We got to the airport and before checking in Charlene got to play in a little area where they had this big jet engine.

Checking in was a NIGHTMARE! We got there 3 hours early that way we would have plenty of time to check in and also eat breakfast at the airport. We get there and there was a HUGE line. We waited, and waited and waited....and waited. We were going no where. 2 hours later, we were finally checked in, and we still had to get past customs! We then try to rush through customs and have a half hour before we were suppose to leave (impossible right?) By the time we got through costumes, we had no time for breakfast and we had to RUN to the gate. On international flights they have security at the gates, so luckily with having kids, we got bumped to the front of the line. We made it onto the airplane. We were the 2nd to last people on the plane! We were dying and HUNGRY! Luckily in the diaper bag we always carry granola bars, so we got to eat those for breakfast.

9 hours later we arrive in the Detroit Airport. We get through customs and while we are waiting for our bags Joshua noticed that my ancestor was on a mural there. So we took a picture. Charles F. Kettering is my Grandpa's cousin. He was a huge inventor. I knew he was famous for inventing the Electric Starters, but when we got home Joshua did some research and found that he invented A LOT more than just that. Here is the Wiki link to Charles F. Kettering If you watch OPB in Oregon, He had started the Charles Kettering foundation for Cancer. So you hear it often on OPB. I remember that from growing up. :) and had remembered his Wife died of Cancer and that is how come he started it.

After we got our bags, we then had to go through more security and customs and then re-check our bags for the next flight home. On our way to the next gate, we passed a stuffed animal shop. I had just glanced over and was like "hold up...I think I saw a Scottie in there" So we go to check it out, and sure enough there was one waiting there for Charlene! Since she was good, she got it. Plus we figured, with another 4 hour flight and just getting off a 9 hour one....she is doomed to get bored on this flight and this would keep her entertained. She loved it!

While waiting for our flight, Charlene kept sneaking off and playing in the carry on size check. LOL

We finally got home and we had my parents and Aunt and Uncle waiting for us. They were on a month in a half long road trip when their travel trailer broke and needed some repairs and it just happened to be in Arizona. So they parked it and stayed with us for 4 days.

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