Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Find

Today while preparing for our big trip to Holland and having people stay at our house while gone, I got in a cleaning frenzy. (this happens often, probably once to twice a week) so its pretty normal for us to go through all our stuff. But there was this one thing, just one thing I haven't ever touched for years. Through MANY, and MANY of moves, surprisingly I haven't opened my hope chest. So since it is in the spare bedroom, I called Joshua in to help me go through it. We find some goodies, such as a little candy cane dress that I wore as a child, my violin, and then Joshua stumbled upon....this.Yeah. His face was classic. So yeah, one thing for sure we can throw out. :) As He dug down deeper, we found a true treasure! What was it you say? Well look and see.
This would be Joshua's first Christmas gift to me, that he gave me in high school. I kept it all these years and didn't even know it! (sign possibly??)
Isn't there ALWAYS a story behind everything right??? Well there is a funny story behind this little horse figurine.
So one Christmas Joshua showed up at my parents house (I believe this was Joshua's senior year and my junior year in high school) on Christmas day. I thought He was just stopping by to show me his Rollar blades He got (another story about those blades later) When He arrived, He had a small little box with him. See at this time, I thought we were just "friends" but to him, He had this HUGE crush on me. So He bought Me this little gift. Well being un-prepared for a gift, I had nothing in return. So what do I do? I go down to my Dad's work shop and pull stuff out of his "grab bag" to give to Joshua. So Joshua spent all his money on this gift for me, and my gift to him.....was a little cheap alarm clock and some other cheap stuff. ha-ha Poor Joshua, STILL to this day I will never live that one down. and now that He has this MOUNTED to my night stand (seriously), it will be there to remind me for the rest of our lives. LOL

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