Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 14 - a windy day

Today we woke up to a stormy day. It was extremely windy and stormy one minute, then sunny the next. It was nearly impossible to try to plan our day since we didn't want to get rained on. So we decided to only go to the grocery store. Which we paid in change. LOL. Over here, they have 1 & 2 and .50 cent Euro coins. So since we aren't used to having change, we have been throwing it all into a bowl by the kitchen. Well we didn't want to carry the heavy change back with us or to our next hotel, we decided the next couple days we should try to use it up instead of using the bills. So I looked a little weird while checking out and paying 12 euros in change. :) but it helped get rid of a lot, even though we still have a lot left, I plan on paying for tomorrows lunch with change also. LOL :)

We got back and as I loaded the groceries into the fridge, I had Theodore doing back time. I came back to him making out with his toy. He LOVES that new toy. It makes crunchy noises, is colorful and soft. Perfect for him.

For dinner we were going to go with Joshua's co-worker to an India restaurant, but then when we called him to go, he had to study for his test tomorrow. So we decided to go to a little burger joint. It wasn't too tasty. Theodore was a big hit again though. But wouldn't you be if you had a little air plane hat on too?

We got home and was relaxing when I look over and Theodore was sucking his toe! WHAT??? yeah...reminded me of this one Japanese student we had growing up that we would catch sucking on her toe every night. GROSS!!!!

Tomorrow's adventure...if it isn't stormy is to pick up some dutch chocolates to take home to some friends and to pick up Joshua's souvenir (a pofferjes pan).

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