Monday, May 16, 2011

Feet & Potty training

A couple weeks back, Theodore had learned how to roll from his belly to his back, he can't quite get from his back to his belly, but he is getting close. Well now Theodore a couple days ago had found his feet. He grabs them with one or both hands and tries to eat them. LOL Or, he will grab them and he looks like he is stretching out. Here are a couple photos of what he likes to do in his down time.

On our trip we got another surprise. Charlene, who has been potty training herself, has decided now that every time she has to go poopy, she tells us and goes on the toilet ALL BY HERSELF!!! 3 times now! We are shocked, we knew she was ready for potty training a couple months ago, but didn't want to deal with it with her still learning while being over seas. Well...she did it all by herself. Well for the most part. Now to get her to go peepee on the toilet. She has gone a couple of times, but once we get back, it will be full swing of potty training this girl! We are just happy we don't have to wipe another poopy bottom! LOL :)

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