Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 5 - a little bit of dutch

While Joshua was at work, I decided to take the kids to Daf Museum. We had fun looking at the cars, but couldn't understand a thing on the description per car. Charlene found a little car her size! While there, we passed a tour group of old people that just loved Theodore. There was this little group of about 6 that were cheek pinchers, and Theodore LOVED it! They kept pinching his cheeks I would say for about 5 minutes until their group left. they only spoke dutch so I couldn't understand them, but they kept trying to talk to me as they would pinch and then laugh. So hopefully it is a good thing. :)

After the museum I decided to take the kids to get them their wooden dutch shoes that I promised. We then proceeded back to the apartment but Charlene got hungry so we stopped for a bite to eat. While sitting and eating, a man approached speaking dutch, once I told him English, he then asked if Theodore was eating or still on the breast. LOL I don't think that would fly in united states. LOL

After Joshua got off work, we went and got some famous dutch chocolates. SO GOOD!!! Yum!

At the grocery stores here, they have the grocery baskets, but instead of carrying them, you drag them behind you. Kind of interesting. and then also, you have to bring your own re-useable bag.

After getting our chocolate we had a bite to eat. We met some other people that spoke english that also had kids. We were talking about the difference between America and The Netherlands. They have it GOOD here! They have the universal health care, min. of 25 days of vacation a year, the one man had 11 weeks of vacation himself. The schooling here, the kids go year round, with every holiday they get 2 weeks of vacation, then in July to August they get their summer vacation of 6 weeks. Which just so happen, in The Netherlands, they force you to take vacation, so during July & August A LOT places are shut down, that way you can spend time with your family. I like that concept since in America some people go years with out vacations because they can't leave their work behind. In their school system, around age 9 they have to learn English since its the universal language. Also - every year they are guaranteed inflation raises, so as prices go up, their income won't go down because of inflation. There were other things, but those were the ones that stood out. Kind of nice over here. :)

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