Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 16 - Checking out, checking in and a couple train rides to see the temple

This morning we checked out of our nice apartment. We hopped our train which normally takes 1 1/2 hrs to the airport, but because of a detour, it took 2 1/2 hours! It was a long day to start out.
Golden girls at the train station???

We then FINALLY get to the airport, which then we have to take a shuttle to our hotel. We get to our hotel to check in...and because of all the confusion with maybe coming, maybe not coming, dates moving and so forth, I booked our hotel not for tonight but for the next 3 nights starting tomorrow!!! :( So we arranged some things, and wa-la, we now have a place to stay tonight. :) an nice executive suit in our nice 4 star hotel. :) goodness...can you imagine if they didn't have a room available tonight? We were already exhausted from the long train ride!

We got everything all settled into our nice hotel room, unpacked a little, then headed out to catch the shuttle back to the airport to take a train, and 2 buses to see the temple. This was Joshua #1 request to see while here. So it was a MUST. It got very stormy out on the ride there and about 5 minutes before we got there, it started to rain. Charlene was so exhausted she fell a sleep.

We get into Leiden to catch our first bus, and it was beautiful. So we stopped to take a short walk and to get some pictures.
We found this windmill in the middle of the city

We then passed a bunch of traditional houses that usually are along canals.

Do you think those wind turbines make the windmill look small? Poor Windmill, probably feels over powered by those tall guys. LOL

We finally made it to our first international temple. It was all the way in Zoetermeer, Netherlands. Took us an hour to get here, but we made it! Joshua's number one thing...check.

Theodore fell a sleep on the train ride home.

We get back to our hotel, and by the ice machine was this vending machine. See here in The Nethlerlands they have this treat called "stroopwaffels" oh, they are delicious! We are addicted to them. Well in the vending machine there was some. and Charlene's reaction was HILARIOUS!!! Look at the first photo ("why do you have to be in there") she says. "Charlene, what do you see?" "Waffel, RIGHT THERE!" lol Poor little Charlene was being teased by the machine that wouldn't give her the stroop waffel. LOL

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