Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 8 - dutch pancakes

Tonight for dinner we had Joshua's co-worker Lars over. We made some dutch pancakes. We didn't have a hand mixer to make the mix, so Joshua had to stir as fast as he could, which turned out. Instead of having them plain or with meat and cheese (like dutch people) we decided to add strawberries and raspberries. The strawberries over here are small, shinny and have a large burst of a good flavor that is different than the kinds you usually see in America. We also used a hazel nut chocolate spread (a normal breakfast topping in Holland) which combined with the fruit was DELICIOUS!

Charlene as always helped in the kitchen. Since she has been strawberry deprived since we usually eat them a lot at home, so as we were slicing them up, she would be the one to place them in the bowl, but when it got down to the very tip, I noticed after a while, that she would be popping them into her mouth. (one for you, one for me, one for you, one for me) LOL

Later that evening while getting the kids ready for bed. Charlene ran into her closet to try to hide from us. Joshua flew open her closet door and found her like this!

Then of course I thought "oh, lets see if you hide in there, and I fling open the door, if we can scare Theodore" LOL Nope...that boy didn't budge.

Then after the kids were in bed, Lars called and told us to look out the window. From our bedroom window we could see 9 hot air balloons. So exciting! Too bad Charlene was already in bed. I could only get 3 of them in the pictures at a time.

Tomorrows adventure is a train ride down to Maastricht. :) We had originally planned on going to Eftling (like disneyland, but different) with Joshua's work, but there were no extra tickets since we didn't pre-order them. :( So we looked up some cool things to do in Maastricht and decided that was our next stop! :)

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