Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 12 - The Open Air market

Well this day, was a day in question. See around 5am this morning, we woke up to this "thud" and screaming. "oh no, Charlene has fallen out of bed Josh" Joshua gets up fast, runs in and finds her belly flopped on the floor. :( Poor little girl. She was HISTERICAL. Joshua tried to comfort her, but she wanted breakfast. So Joshua ate with her, then took her back to bed and they both passed out. Poor little girl . Theodore, I thought for sure would wake up from the screaming since he was already stirring about and starts to cry usually when he hears Charlene cry. So with this being the beginning of the morning, I thought for sure, it might be a bad day for Charlene. LUCKILY, by the time she woke up the second time, she was in a good mood. THANK GOODNESS!

After her second breakfast, I told her to go grab a clean diaper. She was gone for a couple minutes, when I decided I should go check on her. What did I find?

My little girl going potty again all by herself! I am so shocked and so proud all at once. I don't think I will be getting this lucky the next time around since I hear its harder to potty train boys. She always gets a M&M when she goes potty on the toilet, so while I was changing little Theodore I told Charlene to go get her M&M. Little did I know, she would think she would deserve the whole bag! I came out, and there was chocolate all over her face, hands and the bag was empty! Guess she thought she did SUPER good to deserve that many. LOL :)

Then while getting ready for the day, Charlene as always, plays with her toys. Today I found her actually IN her toy box. She does this often at home, but this is the first time here.

After getting ready, we decided to go to the Open Air Market (kind of like Saturday's market). We got there, and to our surprise 50% of the little stalls were fabric. There were hundreds of fabric! I could only imagine how heavy all that fabric is to bring it in and to set it up. That would be a lot of work! So we walked past all the fabric and we got to the other area which then the other half was 50% fresh fruits and veggies. NOW that is my kind of shopping. so good, and so fresh! So we picked up some fresh strawberries.

After checking out, I noticed the FRESH stroopwafel cart. YES, YES YES! I have been looking for this the whole entire time I was here. I have been buying them at the store, but NOTHING beats the the fresh, warm caramel stroopwafel. So Charlene and I both got one. :)

After our little treat, we went to find Theodore another bottle since 1 of his 2 that we brought broke (downfall to glass bottles) so to be on the safe side, we decided we would need another JUST in case. The store only had 2 varieties. so the one we decided to go with, is this S shape bottle. Theodore loves it. I think he likes the color, or the color distracts him, so he eats more! :) He actually ate 3 ounces! hurray! So hopefully that will help him sleep longer through the night. :)


  1. I love Saturday Market type markets...sooo much good stuff!

    I too and worried about potty-training Ethan...it's going to be wild!

  2. I only hear they are harder to potty train, so we will see. LOL, I remember one time my Mom freaking out because she went into the down stairs bathroom, and one of our guests boy has "hosed" down the whole bathroom. lol

  3. Sick...that just brought back memories of having to clean the bathroom that my FOUR younger brothers used while growing up. WTH? Why not make them clean it???