Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 15 - packing, shopping and good foods.

Our little Theodore the past couple days woke up twice in a panic because his Mama wasn't cuddling next to him. So what has he been doing the past 2 days? As falling a sleep for nap time, he death grips my fingers and my shirt, and has his eyes are fading he starts to make this noise "uh, uh, uh, ("I am still awake Mama, don't leave me") uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, ("I am awake, I swear") uh, uh, uh...snooze. (this goes on for 10 minutes) Step 1 down. Now to pry his death grip hands off me. Slowly, slowly...5 minutes later, step 2 down. Now what he does next makes me laugh. Now he has "radar" feet. As I slowly get up...I see his little foot moving around trying to find my body....then as I slowly get goes to a point....RIGHT where I am standing. yeah....all 4 naps....all 4 times, 2 days in a row! So now he has radar feet! LOL Man, I thought putting him down for naps before was bad, now it takes 45 minutes to escape him even in his sleep! and it is all about timing, if I do anything too soon, I have to start all the way over because he wakes up. Goodness...what a difficult sleeper he is! Before it would take me 20 to 30 minutes to put him down. but 45? come on little boy...this Mama needs it easy.

After Theodore's second nap, we head out to get our dutch chocolates and Joshua's gift. It is cold and windy once again. Charlene, LOVES to be outside, so she doesn't mind and runs wild as always. We get our treats and head home.

When we come up to our apartment, we have to take an Elevator. Charlene demands that she press the button. So since we have been here 2 weeks, she knows to press 5. So we get on the elevator, and I go to the back where there is a mirror for Theodore to look at himself. I hear Charlene "where did 5 go, where did 5 go" my response "press 5 Charlene" The doors open, I start to get out, then realizing we are on the wrong floor. I look to see what she pressed....ummm....yeah, you know that scene from Elf where Elf presses all 99 floors? yeah...lets just say Charlene hit all the floors also. LOL I was laughing pretty good because I heard her say "where did 5 go, where did 5 go" and in confusion, her pressing all of the buttons. LOL I told Joshua this once he got home, and he laughed also. Our kid cracks us up! :)

We then pack for the next move to Amsterdam the next 4 days. Clothing washed, check, luggage packed, check, activities planned, check, train tickets purchased, check...and excited family....ready to go! :) The nice part about traveling with children is, the bag that carried the formula, and diapers is close to being empty for making room for souvenirs! :) NICE

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