Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 11 - a trip to find a park

We started off the day with a little Charlene & Theodore time. Theodore during back time, Charlene would go to him and try to make him laugh. She even tinkled his ear to see if he would laugh.

We then headed out to try to find a good spot for Theodore's 5 month pictures. While I was taking his photos, Charlene wanted her photo taken also, so of course I had to take hers so she wouldn't get jealous.

After photos I told Charlene that we could go find a park. We walked, and walked and walked and finally I gave up. So while taking a break over a canal, I saw a lady walking with a stroller. I asked if she knew where a park. Sure enough, she was going the same way. So we walked together for 20 minutes. She was a lovely lady that had a 9 month old boy. She asked if we live here which I told her in a couple years we would be for at least 1 year. and then we got to talking about the maternity leave over here since each country is different. In Holland you get 16 paid weeks off and IF you decide to go back then you can't work more than 3 days a week. Oh how that would be nice right? :) But during her pregnancy she was extremely sick and couldn't work, so she got paid the full 9 months plus her 16 weeks off. Once I told her about how we owe $52,000 for Theodore, she was horrified and asked what we were going to do since over here they don't pay for any health care.

On the way there we passed this HUGE house. So I asked if we were in the rich neighborhood. She pointed to this one house and said it was where Phillips started out of this house. Now they use it for big executives when they come into town, they stay there. I noticed in the moat around the house there were 2 black swans. I had never seen any before.

Once we got to the park she wished us luck and hoped to see me in the future.

Charlene had a hay day at the park. She LOVED this little airplane spring thing.

After Joshua got home from work, we went out to eat at a Thai food restaurant (one of the 2 places that only take visa, the other one is Chinese, so not much options here) We noticed the napkins tonight looked a little like the Pope's hat.

So...Theodore as the next Pope? j/k LOL

Tomorrow's adventure...the open air market


  1. Seeing all these quality photos makes me reeeeeeeeeally want my new, NOW!

  2. LOL, once I got our camera I was like "how did I ever do with out" lol some of the photos on the blog (the crappy ones) are from our phones, which suck!