Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 7 - a slide day for Charlene-e

Well this morning after getting Joshua out the door, I went and layed down on his side of the bed. Later I woke up to a gentle touch to the face. Theodore had rolled over from my side of the bed to me and gently rubbed his hand down my face, and when I opened my eyes, he gave me a HUGE smile. Mornings like this make it OH MOST worth the waking up 6 times to feed him during the night. (can't wait til he can sleep through the night!)

Today I knew was going to be a long day. After Joshua's work, he had a dinner with his class. So I planned our day to be a little later. So we relaxed and played blocks in the morning, then later today went to the park. Charlene LOVES the slide. She got brave enough to go belly & head first on the long slide. She has never done that before. But she was super excited after her first time down and came up and showed me she hurt her finger coming down. Luckily no crying was involved. :)

We then went for a little walk which is when I realized I didn't have my camera. :( so we didn't get too far since I like to take photos.

When we got back to the apartment, Charlene had gotten her shirt dirty so I asked her if she could get a clean one. She took off her shirt and insisted that she go pee pee on the toilet. In my mind I was thinking she just wanted to "pretend" again, so I sit her up there, go to get Theodore and I hear Charlene scream "I go pee pee" NO WAY!! REALLY??? So I grab Theodore and lean over Charlene and look in, and sure enough...she went pee pee on the toilet! As she was wiping, since Theo1ore was still somewhat hanging over her, she spit up on her back side. LOL She FREAKED! She started to scream "agore spit up on me" Luckily, no crying screaming was involved, but just frightened her since she was in middle of concentration of wiping. I am starting to like this whole waiting to potty train her until we got back...because she is potty training herself before hand! :)

Now for Theodore update, Theodore a couple days ago found his "man-hood" and with him still figuring out his hands, he grabs and I swear...he might tear that thing off! Luckily he doesn't hurt himself. and then Today, he found his right ear, so he has been grabbing at his ear all day.

When Joshua got home, we cleaned up all the toys and prepared the apartment for guest tomorrow. We are making a traditional dutch pancake for dinner for Joshua's co-worker.

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  1. your posts are so descriptive! Sounds like quite the funny day. Boys will be boys, and charlene sounds so cute with her potty training. Tell her to keep it up!