Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 10 - church and a little visit

This morning we woke up early, hoped a bus and 15 minutes later we were at church.

We walked in, and since of course we were new, we were welcomed by everybody. A lady took Charlene to class then off to Sunday school for us. Then that same lady whose daughter was the nursery teacher, took Theodore and we got a little 2 hour break from both our kids. :) It was our first time not having kids. It was so nice.

At church since there are a lot of people that move over from the States, they teach the lessons with 2 teachers, 1 in dutch and 1 in English. With having such an organized religion, its nice to have the same exact lesson as what we would be having at home this week so we don't miss out on any of the lessons. Through out the world each week is having the same exact lesson on the same week, which is really nice and sure makes it a lot easier to travel.

After church we met up with Joshua cousin Ryanne and her Husband Aaron and their son Riley. We sat down and had a late lunch at a Italian restaurant which was really good.

Then while walking them to their car, the kiddies had fun playing by the fountain.

On the way back home we found this cool chain fence

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