Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 6 - Churchs & Parks - what a beautiful walk

This morning, while Joshua was getting ready for work, Charlene woke up. She opened the bathroom door on him to surprise him, Immediately she tells him "I go with Daddy" and kept repeating it over and over. She knew He was going to leave us for the day. LOL So we had to turn on some cartoons to distract her, but about 2 minutes after he left, she comes up to me and asks "where did Daddy go" and when I tell her He went to work, she runs to the window that she always waits for him at, and then starts to cry. :( She got used to her Daddy being home.

Since little Theodore kept having "outbursts" during the night from growing pains, I decided I needed a nap when Theodore was down, only thing is, when He naps, its only for 20-30 minutes at a time, so I had to take a couple to try to catch up from the night.

In the afternoon, Charlene and I played legos and built a big town of buildings for her horses. She loved it, and best yet, Theodore had belly time and enjoyed watching us. :)

Once Joshua got home, we met up with his co-worker Lars, and went to get some Chinese. After dinner, we all went for a walk to get pictures of the 2 churches by us, and then a walk in the park. It was really pretty.

In town, there are these open urinals. I guess the city has to put these around town because during the weekends when the men drink, they always have to pee, and they used to pee on the side of the buildings, but the city found that the urine was ruining the old buildings, so they put these out. We see men use them all the time even during the day. To me, they are the gross's things I have seen, especially in such a pretty city!

On another note, Joshua at work today found out about all the cool traveling opportunities that will be arising this coming next 2 years. NY for a couple months is one of them...can't wait for that one! :) and some other cool places, but that was the one I am excited about. :)


  1. Where does Joshua work? New York for a couple months definitely would be exciting!

  2. He works for FEI Company in Hillsboro, Oregon, but is a Field Service Engineer in Arizona and New Mexico. Which allows us to travel all the time and have him be home as often as we want since he only works about 2 hours a week. :)