Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Love Story

This was us back in high school. This is where it all began. Joshua gets all embarrassed when I tell this story. (He is behind me as I type RIGHT NOW, "NOOOOO" lol) But everybody has a story about where they fell in love. :)
So after the prior post about the Christmas present, later in the spring Joshua asked me to go to his prom. Thinking we were still ONLY friends, I said yes. So Prom came and went all so fast. Summer of 2000 while hanging out, Joshua professed his love to me. It scared the crap out of me. After He did that, I didn't talk to him for MONTHS! (nice right?, I know, my nick name for years was heart breaker). Well thinking everything was alright again, we hung out, and once again, He told me he loved me. Again, freaked me out, and we didn't talk for a year this time.
I would send emails out to friends for adventures and Joshua never came to any of those but he would respond and we'd hang out for a couple hours, this happened for quite a few years. Then after about 6 years, We started to hang out non-stop. One day my Mother asked "so, what are you going to do with this young fellow" My response "were just friends Mom" She added "Well he has been hanging around here for quite some time now, and you seem to be doing quite a lot of stuff with him, so your dating" My response "no mom, we are not dating" In the Mormon world, if your hanging out EVERY day and talking EVERY day, that is considered courtship. After about a week after that conversation with my Mother, I added up all the days and times I was seeing Joshua and talking to him and was like "crap, were dating" LOL So since I liked Joshua's company, and liked his personality and where he was heading, this time I decided to play along this time.
While on a trip to San Francisco, he asked me to marry him. What was my response??? I gave him this sideway smerk, with one eye brow up and one down thinking "why is he doing this? He knows I dont' want to ever get married again, I have said that many of times, and he knows my past responses, so why would he ask me this? My response, at that time was yes, but more so because I didnt want to break his heart again since I was playing along with this relationship. So I said yes, thinking "oh I can break this off once I get home" After much, much, discussion with my sister Tina, She pretty much told Me if she found somebody like our Dad, like how Joshua is, She would marry him in a heart beat. So my decision? THE WEDDING IS ON!!! I think that was the BEST decision I have ever made. Happily ever after & 2 kids later.

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