Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 4 - a little walking tour

This morning after Joshua had left for work, I stayed in bed with the kids as usual. I kept hearing this LOUD noise, I kept hearing it, and hearing it, then finally it went away. I was shocked that the kids didn't wake up. Then later this morning while getting ready I heard that LOUD noise again! "What the heck is that" I think. So I walk to the front door and notice the little intercom/door buzzer video was on. I look through it, and nobody was there. So I left. That happened 3 times! Finally I came to a conclusion it must be kids ringing the bell and running (I felt like an old person by now) Well after a while I decided to look out the peep hole in the door and noticed that there was stuff outside the door. I opened the door to find a nice wooden high chair, a infant bath, and a large tote of toys. I felt much better that I didn't feel perinoid about kids ringing the door and running. LOL As we got ready I heard the loud buzzing again, I keep looking in the video cam and nobody was there, so I decided to open up the front door. nothing there. So as I am closing the front door, I hear the elevator open and a lady walked out. She handed me a american measuring cup. She spoke dutch but no english, so she started to tell me something about 2 o'clock (that is all I got out of it) then once I said "english only" she waved. So I figured our bikes were coming around 2 then! So I decided to take the kids for a stroll to the grocery store. Turns out, once again we cannot use our visa card. We were very disapointed and came home with no groceries. We have been here 4 days, and only 2 places have taken our visa. See here in Europe, their visa's have a chip and also a pin, and if you DON'T have this, then pretty much you have to pay cash for everything. Which is very disapointing for us, since we earn miles per dollar we spend, and we had planned with our budget that once this trip was over, between airfare, hotels and spending we would each have a free airline ticket. Well now that has changed and instead of earning points, we might paying ATM fee's of up to $10 eur. which is a total bummer! especially since we prefer using our visa and having less change in our pockets.

Well after the walk back I decided that I would look up the information for the Daf museum which is just 1 block away. When coming back to the apartment and looking up the information, I found that they are closed today. So then I looked up a couple other museums, and found ALL were closed today. Bummer, so we spend the day in the apartment, and while Charlene was playing with the toys, I got to look up some fun stuff that is around town. So after Joshua got off work, this is what we found.

We found a large bowling pin piece of art, a "blob" (that is seriously what they call it) store, and a candle flame with a TV for advertising in it.

Joshua after having his first day of training, realized how spoiled they are here in Europe. His work weeks are only 35 hours! It is true! along with how family oriented it is compared to America. Its nice. Possibly a place to choose to live He says. :)

On the way home, Joshua and his co-worker Lars, who is also staying at the same apartments have to walk 1 block from their taxi drop off from the hotel to the apartments noticed a bike rider with a helmet and bike shorts/outfit on. Lars commented "oh, he must be American" and Joshua's comment back was "must be, look at how fast he is going" LOL So here is a picture of the difference. LOL In The Netherlands Bicyclists ride everywhere, but they ride nice and easy, take their time and enjoy the scenery. Here is an artist rendition of what Lars and Joshua saw. LOL Kind of funny if you think about it. :)

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