Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 3 - Train ride to Eindhoven

Day 3, we woke up, ate a nice breakfast at the hotel and then hopped onto the train to Eindhoven. It took a hour and a half through the country side. We saw only 1 windmill, lots of sheep, cows and miniature horses.

Charlene who just so happens to loves doggies, saw a dog RIGHT as I took this photo. It cracked us up.

Once we got to Eindhoven, we were met by a man named Harry who took us to our Apartment. We are right across from a really old church. When he took us up to our apartment we found out we got a 3 bedroom instead of a 2 bedroom. :) so its a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, with a living area and a patio for breakfast.

Inside the living area, Joshua got us all set up for internet

The dinner area. Charlene found fresh fruit on the table. and food on a shelf. Our fridge was stocked with food, milk, yogurt, juice, and alcohol (which I am sure Joshua's co-workers will enjoy)

The view from our patio to the right

Our breakfast patio.

Hallway to the bedrooms. Charlene's is the one straight down, and ours is to the right. The third bedroom is by the patio entrance.

Charlene was super excited to not only have her own room, but a TV in her room. She has enjoyed jumping on her bed so far and a little cartoon in dutch.

The Kitchen area.

Now that we are all unpacked and settled, off to find dinner. Joshua will start his class tomorrow. We get our bikes tomorrow and a double stroller, so once those come, we can go for a little stroll. The bike for Adrianna comes with a little front cargo sitting area for the kids. Here in Holland, everybody rides bikes everywhere, but because it is so common, there is no age limit to the age you can take a child biking, nor need helmets since here they ride calming and take the scenery in where in the states everybody is in a hurry and have many bike accidents (which is why we have to wear helmets there)

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