Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 13 - Shopping at the mall

We started off today with a walk to the local market to get some homemade pizza for dinner tonight and to get some other things at the pharmacy. I didn't realize what time we left, so when we got there at 10:30, the only place that was open was the mall (most places don't open until 11am). So we walked around the mall and all the stores in the mall were open. We found a really nice toy store, so I decided well just 1 toy a piece and it has to be something we can take back that fits in the suit case. So Charlene got a little bead set to make necklaces (one of her favorite things to do) and Theodore got a little toy to attack. :) As we were checking out I noticed their visa machine looked a little different than most of the places we have been. "do you take American visa" I ask. "lets see" sure enough, it worked!!! YES! POINTS!

We then went to hang out at the water fountain to take a break. While Charlene was playing with the water I noticed a cute little sun hat in a store that would be the perfect sunhat for Charlene. So we go in and as we are checking out, the same machine. YES! MORE POINTS! Hurray, we now have a total of 4 places that we know of that take the American visas.

After getting out of the mall Charlene started to scream "scottie dog" I look, and sure enough there was a man that had a little scottie dog. So we go ask to see if we could pet her. The man didn't speak much English, but he noticed Charlene's scottie dog shirt. This little puppy girl is only 2 years old. She was the most well behaved scottie dog I have ever seen. Very relaxed, mellow and I noticed while she was being walked she wasn't dragging her owner. :) She was sure cute. :)

Once Joshua got home we decided to go explore to find a new park. Charlene was so excited she decided to take off running. This is how the typical Charlene run goes.

She runs, stops to look behind, then if she is exhausted, puts her head down "Mommy carry me"

We then passed yet another cool church by our place. We are blessed to have so many pretty churches surrounding our apartment.

We finally got to our park, and the park had a bunch of pretty trees and a lot of art work.

Joshua in the distance found a play ground. So we headed over that way. Charlene only went down the slide once. She is our little tom boy. She prefers to play with dirt, rocks, sticks and loves to make messes.

In the park we found this building. Joshua thinks its like a observation area.

We then saw another area in the park that had a open area with a bunch of ducks. As we got closer it had one of Charlene's favorite play structure toys. A duck started to come closer to her once she got in, so she kept calling for it. It didn't make it all the way to her, but she liked how it was responding to her calling it.

Even mothers can have a little fun. Charlene loves it when one of us plays with her. So I decided to go and try to make her laugh. Instead, when ever I act goofy, she goes "silly mommy" as if I was embarrassing her. :) That is what mothers are for right? LOL :)

She then got off and decided to chase the ducks.

On the way back we passed this art structure. it was really cool and pretty at the same time.

On the way back little Charlene got tired. Since Joshua decided we shouldn't bring the double stroller, NOR the Charlene backpack carrier, He has been carrying her a lot (bet that is the last time he suggests that, ha ha) So since Theodore was a little grumpy, we decided to put her in Theodore's stroller. Joshua the whole time when ever she would sit up "lay down" He tells me "this is kind of embarrassing, since she is the big child" LOL Yeah..she sat up a lot. LOL

When we got home, while I put Theodore to bed, Joshua turned on some music. Charlene was jamming out next to him. She LOVES to dance.

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