Friday, July 6, 2012

Recovery & a little girl turning 4!

Well as you know I had another minor surgery on the 28th.  Thought I was gonna be in and out that day but turned out I got internal bleeding and ended up staying over night.  I was so drugged up that when I woke in the morning I had no clue where I was!  Very confusing when you thought you would wake up in your own bed.  LOL  Anyways - I finally got to go home the following evening with now more testing a head of me to make sure nothing is seriously wrong internal.  : / So its going to be a fun filled month.

The kids came to see me at the hospital which was a good surprise until little Man tries to pull out your IV or kept calling the nurse button and also standing in the drawers that are meant for clothing.  Charlene had fun watching cartoons and cuddling with me.  I put in the oxygen mask on her and she said it tickled her nose.  The visit lasted a whole hour until I was exhausted and couldn't handle all the noise and wanted to go back to sleep.  With Joshua's work being flexible He just worked from home (aka watched movies with the kids) all week.  I honestly thought recovery this time around would be the same as last...but I was wrong.  between the strong meds that made my drowsy and almost having to go to ER for back pain making me sick and a sharp knife like pain in the stomach, its been one of those that I hope I don't have to go through again.

NOW...there is a little girl who is turning 4.  Can you guess who it is???  
Charlene: "Me Is!"

She requested a Scottie dog birthday party!  So...I decided to get pictures of her and Shelby for her 4th birthday photos. 

Its amazing how a little kid could love a dog so much to want to have a party after her!


Birthday party pictures to follow after the 14th!  

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