Thursday, April 5, 2012

Birthday Wave running

For my birthday I opted not for a gift, but for a day on the lake! :) So we packed up the kids that morning, and went to the lake. Little did we know, that 80 degree weather and ice cold lake does't mix too well. We were FREEZING! So we only lasted about 3 hours on the lake. We will have to wait until it warms up a little more before we go out again.

This was Charlene's first year she wasn't scared of the wave runner. HURRAY! Before the instant you would get her close or take off on it, it would be the bloody murder scream. So we are glad she has passed that stage so we could all enjoy the wave runner.

Joshua let Charlene "pretend" to drive a couple times, until she figured out the gas button and they both flew and it really freaked her out. LOL If we went too fast, she would let us know.

Now with Charlene's past, we weren't too sure how Theodore would do on the wave runner.

Turns out...He LOVES it! Of course having him on it, we can't go super fast since we have to hold onto him with one hand, and also with going slower comes the more tipsy of the wave runner so its more scary and your constantly having to use your muscles to try to center it so you don't tip it over. But it was still fun. He got to go out 2 times with us.

All and all...I couldn't have asked for a better birthday. :)

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