Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easter Party & Mexican Eggs

The day before Easter we held a party for some families in our ward.  We had games set up, a Easter egg hunt, the Easter bunny & food!  

While setting up I decided to help keep Theodore in one place, I would just open up the egg box of all the eggs that had to be hidden.  I set up the games and came back to him having some cracked open and eating the candy!!!  When I told him to stop....of course he just laughed at me.  ha-ha

Joshua went to go hide all the eggs.  We had about 100 eggs to hide in the big open field.  Charlene was helping Joshua....or so we thought!  ha-ha,  After Joshua hid about 25 eggs, he turned around to find Charlene with her basket overflowing with eggs!  She was collecting them behind Joshua instead of helping hide the ones Joshua put in her basket!  It was hilarious!

One of the games was the parents had to wear these bunny ears and hop like a bunny while the kids try to throw on 4 rings.  :)  

Another game was a balancing act.  6 kids got to go at once.  They would have to balance their egg on a wooden spoon, come to me and then turn around and make it back without dropping their egg.  

We had a couple other games going also.  During the games Joshua went and got on the bunny costume.  

 Theodore was so scared of the bunny for his photo.  :(

The kids were so excited to see the Easter Bunny.  We had all the kids get individual and family pictures with the bunny. 

After all the picture taking we had the Easter egg hunt.  To make it into a game, we would line all the kids up, and yell out a color of the eggs.  They would have to go get only 1 egg of that color and then come back. They had a blast.  

On a side note during the egg hunt, one child found an egg right beside a REAL dead rabbit!  We think it was one Charlene hid since of course Joshua nor myself would do that!  GROSS!!!!  

 Later that same night, our friends invited us over for a hispanic Easter Egg party.  Earlier in the week my friend Lily kept telling me about filling her eggs with confetti.  I was so confused as she would go over how she would empty the eggs out, put the confetti in them, cover and paint and then how the kids would run around breaking them over each others heads.  I just had no idea what the heck she was talking about and never heard of breaking eggs over heads before!  So she invited us over with her family and we had our first "Mexican" Easter Egg dying.

While we were there, Lily's husband Mike had his sister over also for it since its a family tradition.  I was telling her about how I had never heard of this before.  I guess earlier in the week at work she was preparing her eggs, and all her co-workers looked at how she was cracking the eggs and pilling them and would ask her what she was doing and they also had no idea what she was talking about either. So our friends are assuming it is a Mexican thing.  But because they grew up doing this...they didn't realize it was.  ha-ha

So after the Eggs were dried, we hid them all over the yard.  We yelled GO and all the little kids went running after and chasing the other kids hitting them over the head with the eggs.  Charlene was afraid of all the screaming and thought her little friends were crazy!  It was hilarious!  So we had to show Charlene how to crack eggs over the head since she had freaked when her friends were doing it to her.  LOL  Can you imagine your friends hitting you over the head with eggs and have no clue why?  I think I would be scared too!  ha-ha.  Joshua was the test rabbit. LOL It was pretty funny watching all the kids tackle each other and then crack eggs over the head.  Just had NEVER heard of it before!  ha ha


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