Monday, June 25, 2012

Arizona Science Center

A couple months ago on Groupon they had a deal for a 1 year membership for 4 to the Arizona science center for 50% off.  We snatched that up RIGHT away considering just going once would make it worth the price!  So this past Wednesday my friend and I took the kids.  We got there right when they opened so it wouldn't be too crowded.  As entering we found this area of Nano technology area.  So I took a couple pictures for Joshua since He deals with that kind of stuff at work. :)

Theodore was having a good time which lasted a whole whopping 5 minutes.  See this skelaton?  yeah...its eyes glow and the bones move which then scared Theodore!  and not only that...we forgot it was summer break so the kids started pouring in!  That place was crowded and Theodore being one of the smallest kids there...was being shoved around and stepped on...and there was a lot of screaming going on.  :(  After about a hour in a half of that and my back hurting from carrying him...I was ready to go home.  

Charlene on the other hand had a BLAST!  She was all over the place.  Loved touching everything.  I like this stage where they are more curious and aren't afraid of everything.  :)

Dirt??  yeah..she found it!   

All in all...the hour drive to Phoenix was a drive...but I think we will wait another month when school starts to go again to help prevent some of the screaming from Theodore.  

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