Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Family Photos

Every 6 months I take our family photos to keep them updated. :) With the next couple weeks traveling, I figured I better hurry and get them done before it throws off my January & July schedule of photos. The other day while getting Shelby a hair cut, we passed a country club by our house. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! So after Theodore's nap, we got all dressed and went to the country club. We started on the outside where it was nice and grassy.

This is the photo I picked for the next 6 months for our front room.

The camera battery died, so Joshua had to run to the car to grab the spare. In the meantime the kids sat together and I got this snap shot of them. :)

This next picture was one of the first couple on the camera. It would have turned out so CUTE, but I was laughing still. We had realized that Charlene was photo bombing the pictures!!! Joshua and I were laughing and I couldn't stop. Bummer that my smile was so big in this.

This next picture is at the entrance of the country club. We took a couple but it was heavy traffic of cars coming in and out so we only got 3 pictures there. Right after this, the lady at the guest house came running out and told us we had to pay $25 if we wanted to take pictures here. So we decided to leave and hope that the ones we got turned out. I was kind of bummed since I had so many ideas of the different locations here. Maybe in July I might just pay that $25.

Just one of the photo bombed photos. LOL Glad we caught her on #5 picture so she didn't ruin all of them. We caught her on the one where she was waving like crazy too! LOL

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  1. Is that with a tri-pod? Or did someone take them for you? I love the one where you're laughing. So cute.