Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Christmas Eve it is tradition to read the Nativity story. This year Shelby joined in.

Charlene made Santa a cookie. It was his favorite, chocolate chip cookies. She even made a smiley face out of the chocolate chips. :)

This year we did a couple things different. Instead of laying the kids presents and Santa's presents under the big family tree, we put them under their little tree's in their room. Theodore's big gift from Santa was a new car seat.

Charlene got a cow humidifier for her bloody noses. She was going to get a new car seat, but that came a couple weeks early so this was the backup present.

Shelby even got a bone from Santa.

The stockings were out in the front room. Charlene ran from her room to the stockings she was so excited to see what she got.

Theodore was excited to get his stocking stuffers too!

Santa left a wrapped present for both of them.

It was a Noah's ark toy.

Then Santa left a cool globe for our family gift. Santa was smart and knows we travel a lot, so now we can show the kids where we fly to. :)

After we got done with Santa gifts, we headed to the kids room. We decided to start the kids young with buying each other gifts. Here is a picture of Charlene's gift from Theodore.

After opening it, she was so excited that she flew it across the room and bent down and gave Theodore a big hug and said Thank You. I love her personality. :)

Theodore had given her the "Pretty Pretty Princess" game.

After opening Charlene's gifts, we went to Theodore's room and Charlene helped him open his presents.

With the Grandparents we waited for our "set" schedule of Web chat, and the grandparents could watch them open up the gifts they gave them. (love technology)

Theodore decided to try to eat through his gift from Nana & Papa Gage

It is our Weikel tradition to take a picture with all their "Loot" so we know what we gave and what year they were. Charlene who is used to this, when telling her lets go take her picture with all her stuff, she loaded it up, took it to her room and placed it like this!

Here is her Christmas picture with her loot.

And Theodore's picture with his loot

Joshua and I were so exhausted, that we didn't even open our gifts until about 6:30 that night. Joshua got a new external 3TB hard drive which he has been asking for...for about 3 years now. His wish finally came true.

I got a Cricut Cake Machine and a Cricut machine with a Gyspy and a couple teas. :) guess my wish came true also. (thanks for my bargain hunting skills) :)

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