Friday, December 23, 2011

Theodore turns 1!

Last Christmas, Santa brought me this.

To this day, best Christmas present ever. :)

I know right?? 1 year flies fast!!! I seriously can't believe He is 1 today! Oh how I remember the day He was born as if it was yesterday. His labor was by FAR easier than Charlene's. His pregnancy was much harder than her's by far between sensitivity to light and having to wear sunglasses even at night to drive, to the gestational diabetes, to the sever pinched nerve that made me not be able to was a joyful pregnancy. ;)

The day he was born started out not so unusual. For the first time in 9 months I woke up pain free, could walk with out limping, and felt 100% good as if I wasn't even pregnant! It was our 3rd week in the new house. I decided since I felt so good, I would take our 9 month pregnancy family photos. Joshua was hanging the blinds as I lay on the bed. I felt a little "wet" in the undies and thought maybe I held my pee too long, LOL. So got up, changed and laid back down. 5 minutes later I felt this weird watery feeling starting to move down my belly. I stood up FAST and then all of a sudden "GUSSSSHHH" oh goodness...did this just happen?? seriously...weirdest feeling I have ever felt still to this day! We were just given a couple days before, a small list of people to help with Charlene once we deliver, so we started calling. Of course....NOBODY was home.

Umm...well, fast thinking Joshua called our lovely friend Roxeanne who just happened to have the day off and She came over and got Charlene and took her home with her. Might I add this was about a half hour after the water broke. :) Off to the hospital we pain yet with the contractions...good. We get to the hospital and had to do all the admin paperwork which of course takes forevvvveeerrr and my water leaking still (seriously...can't believe how much was in there,) Finally got to my room. About an hour later...our little Theodore Lucius Weikel was born. 7lbs 15 oz and 20.5 inches long Hardly any pushing and pain this time around was manageable which made it much easier. He just walked out on his own. :) I couldn't hold him for a while after since coming off the diabetes through my body into shock and my whole body was shaking uncontrollably for a couple hours. Joshua went and got Charlene and brought her to the hospital. She was so excited to have a little brother, but I think more excited and proud to be a big sister.

We had to stay in the hospital 2 1/2 days and didn't get out until 6:30pm on Christmas day! Joshua was determined to do Christmas the next day, so we got home, He threw on the Santa suit, set up Christmas and on the 26th we celebrated Christmas. Theodore is the best Christmas present I have ever had.

He is defiantly a Mama's boy!

Since He was born in December, we have decided for his birthday that on his actual birthday we as a family would take him out for dinner, then he could open up his presents from us that night and in January we would have a birthday party for him so he wouldn't feel like he got ripped off.
This year, Joshua wasn't sure if He would be home for his birthday, so we celebrated it during the 2 days he was in town. Since Theodore LOVES meat, we took him to a steak house and ordered him his own steak.

We got home and Charlene wanted to give Him her present first. She was so excited to give it to him and picked it out herself!

His favorite thing: a Ball! Perfect gift Charlene! :) Charlene helped him open Mommy & Daddy's gift but while it was still in the box...all he wanted to do is throw his new ball.

Joshua assembled his new learning train and pushed him around on it.

He learned He could use it as a walker too. :)

Now his final monthly update until next year: This past month He has learned to crawl backwards, say "bye bye", gained 1 more tooth (total of 7 now), learned to throw everything out of his crib, loves to put objects into things, and has learned to close or put a lid on items. He has also learned to fight us during diaper changes and found if he is naked (diaper only), how to take the diaper off to find his private part. LOL (boyz) We have found He is lactose intolerant so as we make the transition to normal milk (soy or almond) we as a family also might be making adjustments (cheese and so forth) Other than that....we are excited that after his remaining 3 cans of formula, He will be bottle free and in 4 more months he will be pacifier free. :) My boy is a happy, loving and silly boy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN!

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  1. Happy Birthday Theodore! His hair is getting noticeable. So cute.