Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Utah Trip

My cousin Megan was getting married so Theodore and I decided to fly up to Utah for the wedding for 5 days. We had to go out and buy him winter clothing, which was a good thing because when we came back, it has been in the 50's here and at night below freezing.

Across from our gate at the airport was this little play area. It took me a half hour of debating how many germs were on there and how often they clean it before I decided to go over to have Theodore play on it. Of course he wasn't interested in it....He only wanted the garbage under all the chairs. So I spent an hour chasing him down and keep placing him at this play area until it was time to board.

This was Theodore's 7th flight of the year! (I know...my baby is a little world traveler) We boarded and he was so fascinated with the men below loading the plane. Theodore is a little good traveler. He just passes out the instant we get in the air and sleeps the whole way. Always nice when that happens.

That night was Megan's bridal shower with friends. Theodore was the only man there. :) He had fun playing in the tissue paper from all the gifts.

We did a lot of stuff on our trip...but I kept forgetting the camera at the house. So all I have of this trip were ones on my phone. :( No wedding nor reception photos, no Christmas lights, no nothing. But here is what I found on my phone.

A play date at church with our friends Valerie and her son Jackson.

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