Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gingerbread boys & Girls deliveries

With Joshua being gone the past 2 weeks, I was determined to still get my gingerbread boys and girls done for our friends. So right before he left, I backed up 3 large batches of ginger dough and then the next day started baking away! I usually make 200+ but this year only made just barely 100. Earlier in the year I found these cute little boxes on clearance and I bought them right up since they fit so perfectly with my boys and girls. :)

Charlene help me assemble the boxes and put stickers all over them. We put tissue paper in for some extra stuffing.

Inside the bottom we put 2 snowflakes and some goodies.

Then on top were the girls and boys. We always put 1 boy/1 girl per person. Decorating them was a little tricky this year since I developed arthritis during Theodore's pregnancy, I had a hard time gripping the frosting tubes. It usually takes me 3 days to decorate 200+ but this year it took over a week for do only half. :( I could only do about 20 minutes at a time with 1 hour breaks between since my fingers hurt so bad and not having help to decorate them.

The final product was little milks to go along with them.

This year we decided Santa's sleigh might be faster to just bike around since all of our friends lives within a 2 mile radius of us. We loaded up the kids, Santa hats, milk, and filled up the back of their trailer with all the boxes of gingerbread.

Charlene got to hold the next house's box so I could just run it up to the door really fast.

The only bad part about the whole bike deliveries is that it was only 58 out, so our ears were frozen and hurting and then also when you don't bike in a week....your out of breath and stink of sweat as people opened their doors. LOL Taking a week off of biking I went from 125lbs to 131 lbs.....so yeah...back to taking the kids for bike rides daily again is my plan. :)


  1. those turned out super cute! where did you find the small milks? I wish I still lived in AZ, I would have loved to help you do the frosting. Hmm Tony & I should ride bikes when the weather gets nicer, thats great , its such good exercise!

  2. You go girl. Sounds like quite the party!