Monday, December 5, 2011

Theodore's first Build a Bear

Nana Weikel had sent some money for the kids to get "Gingerbread boys and girls" from build a bear. So we went there to get them and then realized that Theodore who LOVES teddy bears, doesn't have his own bear. So we decided to get one for him so he wouldn't have to borrow any of Charlene's anymore. :)

So we picked out a bear, and he was strong enough to push the pedal to fill it.

Charlene got to help with bathing him.

Next came to giving him a name. Joshua thought it would be a good idea to name it "Teddy" since usually after introducing Theodore people refer to him as "Theo" or "Teddy" (one of our pet peeves) so yeah...He got a teddy bear named Teddy.

Theodore loved his Gingerbread boy also.

We got their little boy and girl a little outfit also.

When it came time to get into the car, Theodore wouldn't let go of his gingerbread boy.
He had the "death grip" on it. LOL

Theodore was warn out after his first build a bear experience, that when we got home to take him out of his car seat, he was cuddling next to Gingerboy. Super cute. :)

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  1. aww that is super cute! Love the outfits of the gingerbread and the bear. So festive!