Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

One of the famous Weikel traditions is Breakfast with Santa. This year, since we are away from family, we had to throw our own. We invited 3 families over. The Browns, The Hemsath's & the Rodriquez's.

We started out singing a couple Christmas carols. More so the parents did since the kids are still learning. :)

We had a hard time finding someone to be Joshua got to play the "Part" ha ha, We thought for sure Charlene might recognize him, but instead she turned out to be afraid. Enlai & Aiko welcome Santa with high five and knuckle bumps

Next came the gifts. We got all the kids little Christmas ornaments. Santa had a Naughty and Nice list that had what the kids were into this past year and also 1 thing they need to work on. While Enlai (the middle picture) was waiting for his name to be called, I asked him if Santa knew his name. He looked at me, raised one eye brow and said "of course" with attitude as if He and Santa were "tight" LOL Kids crack me up. :)

After Santa left, we had breakfast, and after breakfast we had a small kids craft. The craft was reindeer cupcakes.

They turned out cute. :)

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