Monday, January 30, 2012

Theodore 1st Birthday Party - Dr. Seuss Themed

Here is the birthday boy! I had to take this photo a week before his party so I could get it enlarged. Turned out cute eh?

2 days before his party I had to start on the cake. 1 day to cook the cakes (all 7) and the next to do fondant and decorate the cake. It was so big, we had to throw out half the food in the fridge to put it in to keep it cool over night.

The day of the party we decorated the rest of the house. Here is what the outside looked like.

I made this banner that said "Theodore I Am" to hang above the table.

I had custom box made for party favors for his little friends. I made Cat in the hat goodies out of marshmellows and life savors. HAND MADE fish soaps (I know I am crazy!), HAND MADE little puzzle blocks (seriously crazy for that one!) and made cake balls covered in coconut for the book "Lorax" which is one of Joshua's favorite book. and a bunch of other little goodies in there. It was a lot of work!

We made green jello eggs for Green eggs and ham. :) and then we made this little cute sign for people to sign his birthday card which happened to be the Happy Birthday book. :)

This next pictures were the birthday invite. I had a Dr. Seuss book customized with his and Charlene's name and little bit about him in it. :) SUPER CUTE IDEA!

This next picture we took right before people showed up. SUPER CUTE BIRTHDAY BOY!!!

Once guest showed up, we had a couple activities. We had a coloring page and also a gold fish counting game.

Here is the party animals! We had 18 kids under the age of 18, between 4 families!!!

Theodore loved the birthday song. Mama had to help with the blowing out of the candle

Papa tried to get him to eat cake, but he wanted nothing to do with cake. So 5 minutes later Joshua showed him how its done. LOL

Once He got the taste in his mouth he just went to town!

Last was the presents. He got a bunch of cool gifts. His favorites are Mr. Potato head and large logos.


  1. Indeed, a cute picture! I love it when all the relatives get together for such parties. Lovely pictures and lovely family you have! Happy birthday to the smart kid. The event space NYC has been decorated mind-blowingly. Everything I see here is very impressive.