Thursday, May 17, 2012

Angel Moroni

Last year when we moved to Arizona, we just happened to move here the day of the ground breaking of the Gilbert temple.  Therefore when we moved in, we had 3 people from the new ward, my 9th month pregnancy body and my parents to unload the 27' moving van, the mustang, unload the wave runner and the car. about a move!  Well beyond that, this past year we have watched the temple be built from ground up, which pretty amazing.  For months Joshua and I have been talking about the day Moroni would go up and how that would be a great memory for the kids.  Well Monday I happened to have my CTscan up the street from the temple.  With my "drunk" little eyes from the medication they gave me (wasn't suppose to be driving but Joshua was out of town) I noticed the two big cranes like a X atop the temple.  But I didn't see Moroni.  So the instant I got home, I googled and looked at Facebook and what do you know...the next day Angel Morni was scheduled to go up.  :)  Joshua was a little bumbed since He would be missing it, but what a exciting event to get the kids excited about.  :) 

They had the temple grounds blocked off so we parked across the street at a lovely GREEN park.  Notice I said green??  yeah...probably one of the only green parks in AZ which therefore...allergies!  Besides the eyes itchy, it was 105 out also, luckily in the shade it isn't too bad, but still pretty warm out considering we were there for 4 hours waiting! The wind was extreme that day also which didn't help with putting up the 13' statue.  Around 3pm they finally got started.  

How many men does it take to put up Angel Moroni??  ha-ha

 Charlene & Theodore were really cute and Charlene was jumping up and down yelling "I see him, I see him"  In the meantime I had to keep an eye on Theodore pacing back and forth among the hundreds of people.


Was it worth the 4 hours in 105 degree weather?  heck yes!  This is my first and possibly my last but hopefully just the first of many for my kids. :)  What a great memory to have.  

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