Friday, May 18, 2012

Peach Picking

Yesterday my friends and I took the kids to the farm up the street to pick peaches.  Charlene was super excited to pick them.  The trees were just her size.  :)     

Theodore, even though showing him the peaches on the trees, He kept picking them off the ground so therefore, He would pick up the old and mushy moldy ones!  ewwww!!!  

Because it was a tad bit warm out at 9am in the morning AND the peaches weren't ripe, we decided to just get a couple and call it a day so we can go home and play in the pool.  :)

Charlene kept picking "baby" peaches and petting them like a animal.  LOL  She would hold it oh so carefully like it was so delicate also.  

Of course my tom boy girl found a stick to play with to pick peaches with also.  :)

After we paid for our expensive peaches we took a couple cute pictures in front of some flowers.

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