Thursday, May 31, 2012

A little bit of everything post.

We have had a lot going on this past month.  Here is just a little of what has been going on around here.  

At our local and closest mall to us they have a splash pad and two play areas.  We spent the Saturday relaxing and come 5pm we were bored.  So we decided to take the kids to play in the splash park.  We got there at 5:30pm and the kids who take a while to warm up, ended up not playing in the water cause at 6pm is when they turn the splash pad off!  So we ended up playing on the little kids area.  Joshua just so happened to take this picture of Me while I was teaching the kids to be cow-boys/cow-girls.  

Theodore has FINALLY showed interest in reading books.  He has taken over Charlene chair and I have caught him reading in it many times.  He will get a red chair for his birthday this year.  :)

Theodore has also finally showed interest in coloring!  We have found crayons on our walls.  So therefore the craft area no longer as free range of coloring.  :)  

This past month has also brought us a couple surprises.  LOL  In the mornings I usually let Theodore run butt naked to air dry from his wet diaper until bath time at 10am.  Well in one week alone, there were two incidents like this picture below where Theodore "cooked" us up a storm while playing in the kitchen.  YUK!    This picture was of the second time, but the first time was hilarious!  Joshua was on the phone with his boss when all of a sudden He see's Theodore grabbing at something below him.  He starts yelling for me to help from the kitchen and his boss is laughing on the other line.  :)  and then this kitchen incident, He was standings and realized what happened and it freaked Theodore out.  I think He thought it was a bug or something cause he was really terrified....of his own poop.  LOL 

Theodore no longer says "whats that" his new word is "this" as he points.  We think switched words cause we would use "this" to see if that is something He was pointing or talking about.  This picture below he was doing "this" and then was signing the word for "want" which was hilarious.  at a hot babe off a magazine.  :)

Our closest friends got a little Lab Puppy named Oreo.  He is so cute, but with puppies, they have razor teeth AND are still learning not to bite, so now every time we go over there I have screaming kids cause they are afraid of Oreo.  :(

Theodore had his first swing ride!  Charlene pushed him and He liked it at first, but then got bored of it after MAYBE 2 minutes.  

For mother's day Joshua bought me two new purses.  Well...the pink is the new diaper bag and the blue is for when I go childless shopping. :)   He got them cause they had scottie dogs on them which is thoughtful since Shelby is a scottie dog.  Only problem is....Charlene wants my purses!  

oh...and do you see what Theodore is grabbing at on the bookcase??  Well guess who is off of pacifiers?  your right!  Theodore!  This past month Theodore was so fussy with teething I caved in and gave them to him outside of nap/bedtime.  After a week and realizing he was "depending" on them too much, I decided to cut him COLD TURKEY!!!  Yeah...I didn't think he would do so well since he was relying on them so much...I think I was more afraid for myself.  LOL  But we did the same routine as Charlene and he was fine.  :)  We did the final pacifier round up, put them in a baggie, put them in the cubbard (not the garbage in case I needed sanity, luckily all went well)  and that night before bed we showed him the empty pacifier bowl (candy bowl of pacifiers) and he went down fine.  :)  Only thing is....since then...He HATES to go to bed now.  So its a battle of screaming as we lay him down.  :(

Oh, and on days I NEED to get things done in the kitchen I have resorted from the kids screaming at my feet to this!  In this one shot, Theodore decided to jump into the water with clothes on!  Theodore isn't anything like Charlene who used to like to help me in the kitchen when I had to cook.  Theodore likes to throw stuff off the counter and watch Shelby jump for it which he thinks is funny.  So either he screams at my feet (driving me crazy) or now plays in the kitchen sink for cooking.  :) 

Of course the aftermath is always fun to clean up.  

Oh, and every Wednesday our new thing is taking the wave runner up to the lake.  :)  Its so nice being a stay at home Mommie sometimes.  :)  We head out at 7am and are home by 2pm.  We take the sand toys for the kids on the little beach and with all us ladies we rotate going out in 2's.  Its a lot of fun.  

The only bad part about wave running is throwing people off the back, if they drag you into the water end up with bruises!  I had 5 just on my right arm from last week.  and from yesterday...I haven't even counted yet!  LOL

That is about it for the month of May, nothing new.  Charlene's birthday is coming up in July so the month of June I will be party planning a "scottie dog" party upon her request.  :)

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