Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Las Vegas - Part 2

Part 2 of Vegas

At California Pizza Kitchen you can set up a little kid craft time (don't know what it is called) for FREE. My friend set up a day to do this since we had never done it before.

Create your pizza.

Step 2: While pizza is cooking, the kids get a tour of the whole pizza parlor.

Step 3: Color your box

Step 4: Eat your pizza

Here is a picture of all the kiddies and parents. All the kids had fun and at the end, the kids got a little surprise cup with a coupon for free kids meal! So yeah...if you want to do something cheap with your kids and there is a california pizza kitchen around...I would recommend it! :)

Another day we drove 20 minutes to the Las Vegas Temple. It was so BEAUTIFUL! I will have to of my favorites now. :)

While there Theodore would do this "silly" smile as he would pose for the pictures. It was super cute and funny.

Another day we decided to take the kids to Circus Circus to see some acts. We didn't realize that the whole second floor was full of games to play. So we decided to spend $20 so Charlene could play a little. Within 25 minutes she won 6 stuffed animals. she was in HEAVEN! She loves stuffed animals.

Then another day we decided to take Charlene to The Lion King show. She LOVED IT!!! Before we went to vegas I wanted to take her, but then realized in Vegas...Even Theodore would need a ticket (sad times) Well I didn't want to fork out the $83 for a baby that wouldn't even remember it. So I didn't buy the tickets. While we were there, my friend told me that if your a local resident that if you buy 1 ticket, you get 1 free. So instead of taking my friends to the box office, I decided to google to see if by chance they would have a code online. SURE ENOUGH..there was. :) and not just made all the tickets 1/2 off. So we left Theodore with our friends, and had a date night + one. It was well worth every penny!

That concludes our visit to Vegas.

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