Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Theodore 11 months and counting!

Theodore 11 months and counting! Updates on this little man: 19 lbs (more than Charlene at this same age!) Free standing in middle of the floor by himself (possibly walking by Christmas), loves to empty the dishwasher, knows how to put things where they go (this surprised us), loves bath time, is a BIG meat eater, loves to give hugs, he loves to cuddle with stuffed animals, plays with Shelby and teaches Shelby patience as he pulls on her ears and hair. He will even throw her toys for her which she loves. He is also fascinated with anything and everything that is electronic (takes after his dad), does a super fast crawl when I scream "he's a wild animal" (he actually zig zags back and forth which is hilarious!), likes to stand in his high chair to eat, and there is one more thing...but you will have to look at the last two pictures to see what it is.

Before we landed with the picture above, I thought it might be a cute idea to have the cotton fields by our house as the background. Well we had to cross the irrigation ditch which Charlene was afraid of, so we had to hold her and jump which therefore the camera hit her in the head and her screaming and grabbing for us ended with keeping Theodore's attention so that idea was spoiled.

and that last thing that thing that Theodore is into?? yes that would be the doggie door! At first he would just stick his hand out...but then slowly it has crept to sticking his head out. I have a feeling there is going to be a day where I find him outside. LOL

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