Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tonsillectomy anyone?

Since Theodore was born my tonsils have been flaring up every once in a while. So about 3 days a month I couldn't eat/sleep or swallow because my ears hurt so bad from them if I were to swollow. My memory is so bad that EVERY SINGLE TIME I went to the doctors (usually 3-4 times a week) I would forget to bring it up. so I would suffer because I didn't want to make another appointment. Well in September while Joshua was gone to Holland, they just so happened to be acting up and I had remembered to bring it up to the doctor. This was my primary care dr by the way. She looked at the back of my throat, made this weird look and told me I have to see a ear nose and throat doctor right away because of how swollen the left one was (all the way to the other side) since to her it raises alarm for cancer being that big and how long it was bothering me. She wouldn't let me do anything else until this was taken care of. So...on top of my husband being out of town for 3 weeks, I had to deal with making yet another appointment. Luckily our ear nose and throat doctor had an opening the very next day so I could get them checked out. Went in with both my wild animal kids and she looks at the back and tells me I have a high pain tolerance considering that most people would be in the ER for how big they are. I get told that a lot but didn't realize how good of a pain tolerance I had if most people would be in the ER for this. Anyways - this doctor said they didn't look cancerous but because of how long they have been bothering me and how big they were, I had to have them out right away. NEXT WEEK she would like them out. only one husband was gone for another 2 weeks and its a 2 week no. Then of course we were gone the whole month of October so come November 3rd...I got them out. The doctor who had been practicing for 10+ years hadn't ever seen them this big. Apparently my body grows big things, LOL considering when I had Theodore my placenta was the largest my doctor had ever seen in 15 years she had been practicing. ha ha grose...I know. Anyways - here is the picture of my tonsils. They look pretty small to me.

You know....I heard that having your tonsils out as an adult is bad....I didn't realize how bad it was. The first two days, surprisingly I had no problem. Took no pain pills, ate normally, we ran to 5 stores and just did our normal weekend stuff. day 3...pain started to kick in. Took some magic pills, and it was just OK pain. day 4 I was in extreme pain. Couldn't eat, sleep, my ears were hurting every time I swallowed to a point I didn't want to swallow. Day 7 came. Still bad pain but by 11pm, I woke up needing to swollow every couple seconds which is bad enough, but what came next was WAYYY worse. Found out my throat was bleeding for a while and now was THROWING UP blood!!! yeah...if you can't eat as is...try the pain that follows throwing up! I was wishing I was in the hospital!!! was the worst feeling EVER ALIVE!!! Well....luckily today is day 13 and I can eat very small about 4-5 bites, can talk, sleep through the night, still can't yawn and tomorrow is day 14 and a doctor appointment to find out results of what was wrong with those big bad boys. I am just glad I don't EVER have to experience that pain again. :)

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