Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vegas Baby!!! Part 1

Day 1 in Vegas consist of lots of time in the water! :) We stayed at the condos which had a lazy river, which I planned on riding around in the whole time, but Charlene didn't like being on top of the tube, so we spend most the time in the other pool.

Charlene learned how to jump into the pool.

Theodore on the other hand had a blast doing his super crawl all around the kiddy pool

The next day we spent walking the strip. Even though it was during the week, it was PACKED! So we decided to leave the stroller and just walk.

First stop: The MGM Grand Lion Exhibit. Charlene who had watched "The Lion King" on the way up on her DVD player in the car, recognized that this matched her movie.

After the Lion Exhibit we took Charlene to M&M World since they are her favorite Candy.

Day 2: After walking part of the strip the first day, Joshua's feet were hurting him. So we went first to get a picture by the famous vegas sign so it wouldn't be busy, then we headed off to the outlet to buy Joshua a new pair of shoes which he has been needing for months.

While at the outlet we let the kids pick 1 thing to do. Theodore picked driving the panda bear car. He was so happy in it.

Charlene picked to ride the carousel. Of all the horses she could have chosen from...she picked the boring bench.

We then headed to the Bellagio to see the beautiful fall garden and the world famous chocolate fountain that is 27' tall.

At the garden they had a talking tree. Guess who was scared of it?

On the other hand...Theodore liked it.

We walked the whole garden and it wasn't until the end I could finally get a picture of Charlene trying not to look out for the talking tree. ha ha

This picture didn't turn out, but its the famous glass umbrellas.

And here is the world famous chocolate fountain. Yum!

After the Bellagio we headed to Caesar's Palace

All of our things on our to do things were free. and that included the Fall of Atlantis Show. This was taken RIGHT before it started. Once it started and there was fire...there was a lot of screaming. Charlene is DEATHLY afraid of fire, so....yeah...that didn't go to well.

We took the free tour of Ethel M. Chocolate factory. The day we went they were making my favorite chocolates: Dove. :)

of course we bought some. We each picked out 3. They were good. :)

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  1. mmm dove is one of my favorites. You take some of the best and funniest pictures of your kids! the one of charlene with her head in the stroller. I laughed out loud. LOL!