Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloween Pictures Time!

BEHOLD, our cracker box kids!

We find it kind of assuming that people call our kids so perfect they are out of a cracker box.
They call them cracker box kids. LOL kind of funny, but ok. We do get a lot of compliments that we make good kids and in fact, just on Friday while at the hospital visiting a friend, the lady in the gift shop told us we had to have many many kids since ours are so cute. I quickly stated we are done. :)

We originally wanted to do the whole "little red riding hood" theme with the kids, but the sizing for both Red Riding Hood, and The Wolf were too big for our kids. Looks like we might have to wait for next year if I can find them on clearance at the end of this month. :)

anyways - we came up with the kids Halloween costume theme by a mare image in the head of the "perfect" picture. try to imagine this: Charlene the evil witch pointing her broom @ Theodore while doing her evil little laugh as Theodore is crying because he got turned into a pumpkin. GREAT IDEA RIGHT? well only one problem...Theodore is hard to get to cry on command. picture of the perfect picture that popped into my head about a month ago.

Anyways - here are the pictures!

The camera was a little slow because it was evening time and didn't have all the window light, so A LOT of the pictures turned out like this. Which to Me was a little disappointing, but Joshua however liked them because it gave the picture a little "Halloween scary" look.

Here is Charlene's picture to get canvased and put on her wall in her room.

Then little Theodore's Canvas.

and past Halloween pictures? what? ok...minus will post those also. :)

The Princess in her Castle along with her Dragon Maggie

2009 Lady Bugs

2010 Bumble Bees

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